After humans, killer whales are the most socially and ecologically complex species on the planet. They pass on cultural traditions down generations, just like us. ADOPT a whale and help us learn more - including how best to protect them.

Southern resident population



The southern residents spend most of the summer in the waters around southern Vancouver Island and northern Washington. Their winter range is less well known, but they have been sighted as far north in the as Haida Gwaii (aka the Queen Charlotte Islands) and as far south as Monterey, California.



Southern residents are listed as endangered in both Canada and the United States.   



This southern resident population only numbers approximately 86 whales. The southern resident population status and trends are monitored by the Center for Whale Research.  



One - J Clan 



Southern resident killer whales are very active at the surface. Breaches, spyhops and other acrobatics are common.   

Southern residents are most commonly found along southern Vancouver Island and into Washington, but range north to Haida Gwaii and south to California in winter months.